Fans of the "Once Upon a Time" TV show (or Oncers as they call themselves) obviously know which Hook we’re talking about – it’s the dashing Killian "Hook" Jones, played by incredibly handsome Irishman Colin O'Donoghue.

But it’s not just Colin’s good looks why fans love him, he’s actually quite cool and we have 5 facts for you to prove it:

1 He was a Rock Star!

Well, he could be! He was in a pop-rock band The Enemies, which he founded in 2003 with his friend in Ireland. Being a regular on Once Upon a Time series unfortunately didn’t leave enough time for him to continue, so in 2013 he had to quit the band.

But, he can sing and play a guitar? Definitely our kind of Captain, right?

2 He is still together with his Childhood Sweetheart

Well, our captain is sadly taken, but isn’t it the cutest thing that Colin is actually married to his childhood sweetheart? He’s been together with Helen since he was 18 and he married her in 2012, at 31. Next year, on August 1, their first son Evan James was born. Colin announced his birth on Twitter, saying he’s "so proud to be a father!" Lucky Helen!

3 He lived in France at 16 to learn French

When he was a teenager he went to live to France for a month to learn the love language. Oh, we’d love to hear Hook speak French once, wouldn’t we Oncers? Once Upon a Time creators, take note!

4 He witnessed a real-life Exorcism in Rome

It must have been pretty scary! Apparently he did it to prepare for a role. Anyone who saw his movie The Rite can tell it definitely helped him, he was good! For those of you who are unaware he was once in an exorcism themed horror movie, well, now you know. He had an American accent too.

Go see it if you are a horror movie fan. Otherwise don’t. It will scare you!

5 He was in the music video “The Words”

Christina Perri’s song The Words is apparently dedicated to Colin’s Character Captain Hook and he plays a hot lumberjack in the video. The lyrics are beautiful and the video is romantic, but let’s face it, we’re only watching it for Colin O'Donoghue...