''The Walking Dead'' returns in less than two weeks and with it comes the terror and anticipation viewers have come to expect. As with any major television series, spoilers are inevitable. ''The Walking Dead'' is no exception to this rule. However, unlike other shows, ''The Walking Dead'' has done a great job of keeping their secrets under wraps. Thanks to members of the online community ‘Spoiling The Dead’ we now know that the back half of season 7 will hold many losses. Now let’s get right into it.

Spoilers Ahead

The Mid-'season' premiere will pick up right where we left off last season with the family group confronting Gregory about joining them in the fight against the Saviors to reclaim their freedom.

It’s rumored that this will be the start of Maggie’s new role as the leader of Hilltop. The talk with Gregory will not go well and this is where Enid will step up and give the group a speech that spurs them to take immediate action against Gregory’s loyalty to the Saviors.

Dwight discovers that Daryl has escaped and has to tell Negan. Once Negan learns of this he sends a group out to search for Daryl.

Later in the Episode, the group will be reunited with Morgan after Jesus leads them to the Kingdom. Once they arrive, they will meet with Ezekiel and plead their case to fight the Saviors. After a heated discussion, Ezekiel turns down Ricks offer in fear of what Negan would do his people. The episode closes with the group leaving the Kingdom all except for Daryl.

It is assumed now that he stayed behind because Morgan said something to him about Carol being nearby.

This episode will also find the group coming face to face with a new group of survivors from a junkyard. They find them while searching for Father Gabriel who has gone off in search of someone.

Ezekiel’s and the Kingdom are expected to be swayed into joining the war against Negan as they were a massive part of the upcoming storyline in the comic books.

''The Walking Dead'' returns on February 12th, only on AMC. Stay tuned for more spoilers for the rest of the season as they become available.