New spoilers are available for not one but two new episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’. This time around we’re going to look into episodes eleven and twelve of the back half of ‘The Walking Dead’ season seven.

Episode 11

This Episode is going to be a context episode that catches up with a few Characters who haven’t had much screen time. First up is Eugene, who as we all know was taken by Negan during the mid-season finale. Negan has taken him back to the main Savior compound and instructed him to begin making bullets. Unlike Daryl, Eugene will have a relatively pleasant stay with the Saviors because he is held in high regard due to his knowledge of ammunition manufacturing.

Dwight will have a larger role in this episode. This will be the beginning of his betrayal of Negan. Dwight will visit his home prior to the zombie apocalypse which he shared with his wife Sherry. Something inside the home will cause him to make the decision but we don’t know what this is yet.

At some point in the episode, we learn the identity of the person that gave Daryl the note to escape. That person is revealed to be Sherry but we won’t learn why she did this quite yet. It has also been discovered that Negan will punish Dr. Emmett Carson for Daryl’s escape.

Episode 12

There aren’t many details on this episode but we do know that it will contain most of the main cast as well as appearances by father Gabriel.

There also scenes for the episode during the day and night, Military trucks and tents were also sighting during shooting. This suggests that some members of the group will be sleeping outside of the safety of the walls.

Rick will encounter a large group of walkers while out on his own and he barely escapes the encounter. Rick and Michonne will have several scenes of intimacy during the episode which will come as a nice change of pace during the season.

The guns that had been agreed upon as payment to the denizens of the junkyard will be delivered. They will be delivered by Rick, Michonne, Tara, Rosita and Father Gabriel. Near the end of the episode, Rosita heads to Hill Top in order to get help from Sasha. Presumably another plan to kill Negan which will ultimately fail ending in the death of either Sasha or Rosita.