Are you ready for more spoilers about the back half of season seven of ‘The Walking Dead

Episode ten starts out with the group that had encountered the Junkyard clan being escorted back to their headquarters. Rick must meet with their leader Jadis. before he can do this, however, he must face off with a monstrous walker. The walker that’s kept in the fighting pits has been impaled with spikes to create a barrier around it. Rick emerges victorious from the pit and speaks to the leader of the junkyard group about fighting Negan and the Saviors.

A deal is made between the two leaders and Rick is asked to supply the Junkyard with more guns.

This is going to start a new subplot of the season thanks to Negan having taken all of their guns.

Daryl and Ezekiel and a few members of the Kingdom go to the old abandoned house where Carol has been staying. It is assumed that Ezekiel and members of the Kingdom arrive first, according to sightings of film sets.

Richard, the man who originally tried to start a rebellion against the saviors, begins to put into motion a plan that he believes would push Ezekiel to fight the Saviors. He lies to Daryl telling him that the person living in the house is dangerous and needs to be dealt with. After Daryl question’s him for a name, it somehow comes out that Carol is the inhabitant. The two begin fighting but eventually come to a stalemate when Richard pulls a gun on Daryl while Daryl draws his crossbow.

Daryl eventually finds the house that Carol is staying at and knocks on the door. The two share a small moment of silence and then embrace. It’s clear that the two have a great deal to talk about so Carol prepares a meal for Daryl and the two of them catch up. Daryl doesn’t tell Carol about the deaths of Abraham and Glenn. It is suspected that she already knows due to an unusual transition between the end of this episode and the next time she is seen.

'The Walking Dead' returns in less than two weeks. For more spoilers about the back half of season seven, be sure to come back here tomorrow for details on episode eleven.