Transforming into a new and fresh style, Zhang has just released her first single, 'Dust my shoulders off'. The collaboration with Timbaland and the eye-catchy video gets her into the iTunes top 10. Based on the famous international artworks, this Music video hits the world.

Starting a rough day with being complained by the Boss, Zhang decided to 'dust her shoulders off' to go through this rough day. In the music video, artworks are overlapped and create a new form of Art. With Mike Tyson biting off Vincent Van Gogh’s ear, it illustrates that both of them are famous for losing and biting an ear respectively.

Here are some of the famous artwork appeared in the music video.

Nighthawks (1942) — Edward Hopper

An oil painting that portrayed people dining in a downtown at a late night. This artwork depicted the loneliness of the night hawks. From the oil painting, you can also see there’s no way out for the diners, which represents as being locked up and no freedom at all.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait — Vincent Van Gogh

Through the life of Vincent Van Gogh, he had drawn dozens of self-portraits. Most people believe Van Gogh depicted his face as he looked into the mirror. They also believe Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portraits are the exploration of personal realization.

Girl With a Pearl Earring (1665) — Johannes Vermeer

A European girl wearing a headscarf with the pearl earring was depicted by Vermeer. The large size of pearl earring and the girl’s gaze towards Vermeer have caught our eyes.

Christina's World (1948) — Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth portrayed a lady lying on the ground, staring off into the distance in the Christina’s World.

It called for deep thought that what this lady is thinking.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884) — Georges Seurat

In Seurat’s artwork, people were relaxing in a park on a Sunday afternoon. For the Parisians, Sunday is the day to have a getaway.There are around 40 casts in the portray and each of them was depicted either under the trees or appeared as the shadows.

The Scream (1893) — Edvard Munch

This piece of artwork showed a figure with a shocking expression under the orange sky. EdwardMunch was inspired by nature. He was walking along a path in one evening and was astonished by the sunset view.

The Son of Man (1964) — René Magritte

Magritte depicted a man looks like a gentleman, wearing a gray coat with a bowler hat. His face was hidden by a green apple. Through the artwork, Magritte raised the viewers’ curiosity of how does the man look like.