We all know that James Arthur won the 9th edition of "The X Factor UK" and as a result released his self-titled debut album that helped him rise to fame very quickly. However, this young man has been carrying a heavy load on his back, so heavy that it nearly ruined his career.

The day he auditioned for "The X Factor" was the day his mom and dad spoke for the first time in 22 years. How is that for a happy childhood? In his life so far James has already experienced his parents' divorce, moving with his mom and stepfather to Bahrain for 4 years and then coming back to Britain after his family split again.

In the aftermath of such a complicated lifestyle James's relations with his mom worsened, he went off the rails and ended up on the streets stealing food to survive. He's no stranger to foster care either. No wonder he soon started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety, panic attacks, and second chances

Having received his well-deserved title of "The X Factor" winner, James began to live his dream. Or so we all assumed. The behind-the-scenes truth was much more difficult as the sudden stress and pressure of constantly being in the spotlight triggered the singer's demons - severe panic attacks that bore all the symptoms of a heart attack, insomnia, and thoughts of suicide. These are nowhere near the usual definition of success.

Knowing to what tragic end it led Kurt Cobain or Robin Williams we should all be careful what we wish for. But then again we also want to be brave in making our dreams come true, right? For James, the initial stages of dealing with sudden fame were turbulent as he was not ready to deal with new responsibilities and criticism.

He became involved in a series of controversies such as public quarrels with rappers or the use of homophobic lyrics in a song. However, he learned his lesson, apologized and was given a second chance to defend his talent.

'Back from the Edge'

There are not many artists who have such beautiful honesty in their voice. His incredible melismatic precision makes James's singing technically flawless and if you add all the emotion he can translate into his music, you instantly know that this gentleman is the whole package.

This is why he deserved a second chance and was able to release his new album "Back from the Edge". It contains lyrically deep songs sated with themes of pain, darkness and loneliness but also recovery and hope. You don't even have to be as hypersensitive as yours truly to cry at the end of "Train Wreck". This particular song is the emotional essence of the album. James shows his vulnerable side singing in his most expressive voice for someone to "unbreak the broken, unsay these spoken words, find hope in the hopeless, pull me out the train wreck, unburn the ashes, unchain the reactions, I'm not ready to die, not yet, pull me out the train wreck". Powerful message, isn't it? On top of that, the whole record is mainly keys and guitars with a hint of violin here and there.

"Back from the Edge" is honestly beautiful and beautifully honest.

James's turbulent history has taken its toll, yet every cloud has a silver lining. After all he has been through, James Arthur has enough stories for at least a few more albums.