I was exactly 7 years old when I first heard her voice. I can say without exaggeration that the timeless "My Heart Will Go On" has changed my life forever. Having stepped onto one of the many artistic paths, I am the author of this article because Céline Dion has ingrafted an immense passion for Music in me.

The Power of Love

Céline Dion has always been a Rock Star with one of the strongest and most influential voices in history. She has won 5 Grammy awards, sold nearly 250 million albums worldwide and in May this year received the Billboard Icon Award in recognition of her three-decade career.

During the ceremony she performed an equally iconic song "The Show Must Go On". To say that it was one of the most magnificent renditions of Queen's flagship anthem would be an understatement. Céline underlined her position in the history of music by turning an emotionally significant and personal moment into a demonstration of strength as it was her first performance since the death of her husband in January. René Angélil died of cancer at the age of 73. He was not only Céline's husband for 22 years, but also her friend, guardian angel and manager for 33 years. It was him who believed in the singer's voice first and mortgaged his house to finance the Star's first album. Now, after all she has been through, Céline believes René is still watching over her from another place.

The show must go on! The show must go on! Inside my heart is breaking, my make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on... while singing those lines Céline really did smile her most confident smile. However, when not on stage, she remains one of the kindest and most humble people in show business. Two days after her husband passed away she also lost her brother to cancer, yet she manages to stay appreciative and grateful for what she still has, namely her three sons and fans all over the globe.

As she modestly pointed out at NBC's Today show, millions of people go through the same, just not in front of the camera for everyone to see.

The new album(s)

To connect more with her fandom Céline recently released another magnificent francophone record titled Encore un Soir (One More Night). It's mainly acoustic and subtle but still powerful and by no means sad.

Expectedly, the album is a beautiful tribute to René. Every track is a manifestation of all the reasons he invested so much in Céline all those years ago. Musically and vocally it takes the game to another level and you don't have to know French to feel it. Céline has opened an emotional channel and her messages in all 14 tracks (15 on the deluxe edition) are effortless to receive. But if someone is still uncomfortable with not understanding the lyrics, there are translations on the Internet and a little bit of research will show that main themes include hope, family and strength. Also, Céline revealed that she is already working on her English record that is to be released next year. In fact, we can already listen to the first single called "Recovering" written by none other than Pink herself!

Céline Dion is empowered to enrich our lives with wonderful music for many years to come. The man who enabled her dream to come true did not leave her unprepared or alone. She has her family and she has us, devoted fans who will forever remember being seven years old and hearing Céline's life-changing voice for the first time.