Remember Rachel Platten's flagship hymn "Fight Song"? Here's another valorous one for you. Delta Goodrem recently released her fifth album and today we are going over one of her singles with a fine-tooth comb.

Delta spreads her wings of wisdom

"This new album is a piece of my heart. I hope it becomes part of yours". This is what Delta posted under the picture of her album's cover on Instagram. Wings of the Wild, released in early July, is a manifestation of strength and confidence that result from a series of unenviable events. The Australian top singer is a cancer survivor.

In 2003, at the age of only 18, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, such trials and tribulations never leave a person as they were before. Delta Goodrem is now in possession of a very special kind of wisdom and she clearly allows it into her Music.

She almost emanates it. With her signature blond wavy hair (a remarkable lot of it!), crystalline voice and a gospel choir by her side, in her new video she looks like an angel. The single, "Enough", is a collaboration with a Los Angeles born poet, songwriter and rapper, the eccentric Gizzle. Both ladies could not look more different, yet the professional understanding and artistic connection is so obvious between them that we can basically feel a touch of destiny in this project.

A picture of almost divine nature, indeed.

Acceptance and freedom

Speaking of pictures, what is actually at the forefront of this piece of Art is art itself. In the video we are indirectly introduced to a story of a painter who struggles to create. The young artist is in the process of bringing a painting to life, yet there is something holding back his inspiration and talent.

Judging from the lyrics of "Enough" he struggles to fit in the reality and do what is expected of him. We can see his frustration, probably resulting from some kind of a major disappointment. Being constantly unappreciated for your work, misunderstood and rejected can be very upsetting and, needless to say, it breeds internal conflicts.

Artistic psyche is often one of the most difficult battlefields as you have to conquer yourself. You have to accept yourself even if nobody else does and especially then. Let all of this resentment out and turn your distress into a project. There is always that one maybe that will not allow you to give up on your craft anyway, you love it too much, so even if you never get paid for it, you will create a masterpiece. And the reward? The reward will be your freedom.

This is the message of "Enough" and of the whole wingsofthewild. As if Delta wanted to tell us, "been there, done that my friend". Her own experience taught her that life is too short to wait for the storm to pass, you need to learn how to dance in the rain. Fall seven times, stand up eight. And put Delta's new record on repeat as motivation.