We are now witnessing the biggest comeback of the decade. Jojo returns with long-awaited new material! Mad Love is a collection of songs that reflect 10 years of uncertainty and relentlessness. It's a story of taking The High Road.

Not (Too Little) Too Late to Leave (Get Out)

In 2004 a 13-year-old girl appeared on the Music scene with her first single "Leave (Get Out)" and immediately caught the world's attention. Jojo's voice left us speechless, she had that spark, potential and enthusiasm to really go far in show business. Her self-titled album as well as The High Road were a brilliant start to a successful career with "Too Little Too Late" single proving Jojo's status of the pop/R'n'B sensation.

Awards, shows, interviews and then... everything suddenly fell apart. No new music, no promotion, Jojo vanished from the music industry. A lot of musicians got eaten alive by the harsh reality of this business as soon as their smashing hit slipped from number one on the charts but Jojo recorded two incredibly successful albums and possessed a vocal range to die for. What happened? She had to sue her former record label for causing irreparable damages to her career. She offered several incarnations of an album, yet they didn't have any means or desire to put it out. Having fought for 7 years to be released from the contract, she won proving that it is never too late to start over.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Jojo's lawyers tried to convince her that she was never going to get out of the contract and it was time for her to find another career. How do you stop loving music when it is your whole life? Well, you don't. You take matters into your own hands and fight for your dreams. Jojo independently released free mixtapes and went on tour.

When she finally managed to leave her former label she signed with Atlantic Records, who released her new material for the first time in years, an EP titled III. Now the time has come for a comeback album Mad Love. This cohesive body of work includes 11 tracks (15 on the deluxe edition) and is decorated with symbolism. For example, you'll notice a period after every song title.

It stands for the fact that after 10 years of drama Jojo could not be more definitive about what she wants. She's been equipped with extra knowledge, a wider perspective and artistic maturity that allows her to write compelling songs beyond the topic of love in the traditional sense. "No Apologies" with Wiz Khalifa or "FAB" with Remy Ma are both directed at people who were clearly a major disappointment in Jojo's life. "I Can Only" with Alessia Cara radiates self-awareness, self-inspiration and resilience. "Honest" is a solid example of rebellious creativity because of the non-typical arrangement of verses, choruses and bridges in the first and the second part of the song. Mad Love is diversified, unapologetic and beautiful.


The album begins and ends with a piano ballad. "Music" and "I Am" are like wings of this record. The latter is a beautiful confession about self-doubt, soul-searching and coming to terms with who you are, while "Music" is the most important song on the record because it is Jojo's life story. She makes an attempt to explain how much Music means to her, yet as we all know, it is nearly impossible to convey the significance and depth of such a relationship. You can hear it in her voice, she is Music.

Every cloud has a silver lining. After years of disappointment, Jojo is now in a position to inspire and motivate others. Most of all, she deserves to do what she clearly has been created to do.