This time, Celine Dion was not singing her own hits, but singing other Celebrities’ song hits, including Cher, Rhianna, Sia, Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash. She demonstrated that she can not only sing great high pitch songs but the low ones and the middle ones too. While she could not only sing with close to similar approximation the songs of other artists, the most applauded scene was the one in which she showed the audience that she can move with cadence at the pace of a tropical rhythm.

Celine performed with intensity.

Celine Dion performed intensely in her latest Tv appearance in the tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon; although, not with the high voice note intensity that she produces during a concert, but combining a variety of music and voice styles that she impersonated during her presentation in the tonight show.

The five-time Grammy award winner, put her own mark on the show, convincing the audience that she knows how the game is played when stepping into other celebrities’ shoes.

"When I push this button here, I have this blue tooth that activates this musical impressions generator, the Tv show host said. Ï know your show, I know, it´s just that I....," Celine Dion added. ¨You´ll be perfect, ¨Fallon exclaimed. Celine Dion, who had turned over the microphone, turns it over again, drawing a laugh from Jimmy Fallon.¨There you go, why don’t you go first, just press the button and you´ll see how much fun it is, ¨ he concludes.

High pitches hard.

At this moment, Celine is about to push the button, exciting the audience.

The first song was Frere Jacques and the singer Cher: A piece of cake for Celine, as she was able to give a taste of French. Next came Michael Jackson and the song, One Dance. Celine´s voice reached higher tones with this song and even complemented it with Jimmy Fallon´s own version of the same song. The next song gave Celine a kind of a headache before the singing.

She probably thought it was not at the reach of her high pitched voice; however, she gave it a tryand even stood up to make some sensual body moves.

The last artist to be impersonated was Sia. Here, Celine stood up and started with a low-pitch voice singing, Hush Little Baby. She used a little panda bear to cover her face whilst imitating Sia´s eccentric wigs.

Then she showed the way in which she can reach higher pitches singing to the tune of Sia´s Chandelier song.

Celine´s presentation on the tonight show was the Gossip of July 21 and probably will continue to be in the days to come.