Karan Kundra is judging the popular youth TV reality show MTV Roadies for the second year now. The actor which is usually calm and composed and is seen joking around keeping the atmosphere light was seen getting emotional after a recent task on the show.

What was the task ?

The task was simple yet complicated. Karan and his gang member had to complete the task in conjunction. His team member was supposed to hold maximum number of spicy Puchkas (Panipuris) while Karan had race a car against time and reached a predefined destination.

Karan Kundra missed the reverse turn and his gang lost

A missed reverse turn cost Karan a lot as he failed in the task by merely 3 seconds. It was these 3 seconds which broke down Karan. He was all teary eyed about the fact that his silly mistake had cost his gang a win and that he could have taken the reverse turn and won it for his team if not his carelessness. It was due to this that one of his gang members got eliminated and thus the guilt levels rose to their peak. The team member had to unnecessarily bear the burden of Karan’s failure and got eliminated. It is first time people saw Karan Kundra cry on Roadies.

Karan Kundra's journey on MTV Roadies

Earlier Karan was in news for throwing coffee on a contestant’s face during auditions.

On the other hand reports have also claimed that actress Neha Dhupia who has replaced Esha Deol is quite upset with the politics on the show. Recently 12 of Roadies X4 crew members were also injured in an accident which took place when they were on their way to the shoot at Pesok Viewpoint. All we can say is there is no reality show without a little bit of over the top drama but care needs to be taken that the same is not stretched beyond sane levels.

Karan Kundra along with Roadies fame Rannvijay who has been a part of the show for the longest i.e. 13 years now, Neha Dhupia and Bigg Boss Season 9 winner Prince Narula are the gang leaders for MTV Roadies X4 and are competing against each other for winning the season. Interesting to note that before winning Bigg Boss 9 , Prince Narula was merely a contestant on Roadies before he finally won it.