The cast of Star Plus’s popular television drama show Siya Ke Ram ended up in tears recently. No before you jump your guns, it was not because of any issues between them but the emotional scene which they were canning for the day.

Raja Dashrath’s death sequence makes the cast weep

Actors Ashish Sharma, Karan Suchak and Madirakshi were shooting for Raja Dashrath’s death sequence for the mythological show. The scene showcased the entire royal family of Ayodha coming together for the last good bye to the character of Raja Dashrath played by Dilip Tahil.

It was Dilip’s last day on the show since his character died and it made the cast so emotional that they ended up crying in reality without the need of glycerin. The fact that they won’t be shooting together after the scene made them shed tears while they were filming the important scene which only ended up making the scene look more real and emotional.

They will miss Raja Dashrath

Though there would be separate scenes later on in the show in which Raja Dashrath might be shown, but they all won’t be shown together for sure and thus they won’t be shooting together. Reports also claim that the cast also had a group hug to remember their last moment together. We must say that the actors seem to have got real close while shooting this mythological epic.

Hoping they get to work together elsewhere on some other show and cherish these precious moments for years to come.

Sita’s perspective for the first time

Siya Ke Ram has gained huge popularity and fan following within a short span of time since it’s the first time a show is showcasing Sita’s perspective on the epic Ramayana.

It is for the first time that Sita is shown as a protagonist in a TV show based on Ramayana and not Ram. In the upcoming episodes the show will focus on Ram (Ashish Sharma), Sita (Madirakshi) and Lakshman’s(Karan Suchak) journey in the jungle and Raavan played by Karthik Jayaram’s entry.

Launched in November 2015, the show airs on Star Plus at 8 PM from Monday to Friday.