Pakistani Singer Taher Shah was a fairly unknown Shah even in India till the time his latest single titled Angels released yesterday. The release of his new Music video has taken internet by storm, especially in UK, India and Pakistan. He has a cult following in Pakistan but is equally criticized for his signing skills across borders.

Taher Shah is a Pakistani Singer

The music video showcases a sad and crying Taher Shah and one would really need guts of steel to sit through the entire song in one sitting, yes it is that crazy. Taher Shah shot to fame in 2013 with his debut song “Eye to Eye” which created waves in the music industry with its distinguished style of singing and the emotional levels of the music video.

His first song apparently had lyrics like “sensual sensational eyes” which could put even the most learned and gifted lyricist or poet to shame. The current music video of the song Angel showcases Taher dressed oddly as an angel himself which at times looks scary example of cross dressing. He is seen wearing a purple robe with a tiara and the video also stars his son dressed just like him.

Taher Shah's music video Angel looks more like a parody

He has equally amount of lovers and supporters. People on the internet have also named him as Pakistan’s mass weapon of destruction and also an embarrassment to Pakistan and Pakistani music.

The fact is that anyone who watches the video first time can very well mistake it to be a parody of some music video rather than a music video in itself.

If gaining popularity and spreading the buzz was the only objective then we think that’s done very well though the content is quite funny and really unbearable.

Taher Shah is a businessman from Pakistan and this is not the first time he is creating news with his long hair and angel like dresses. His debut video too created the same buzz online which made him a celebrity overnight.

Popularity of Taher’s eccentricity is such that even Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna tweeted about the video in a funny way linking a shot from the video to catching conjunctivitis on looking into an angel’s eyes.