Sherlock Holmes the most loved TV series of BBC One/Masterpiece has finally begun shooting for its highly awaited Season 4. The filming has been started in UK and the cast includes the cutest Sherlock aka Benedict Cumberbatch along with Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson and Amanda Abbington as his wife Mary. The newest member to join the hit series is Dr.Watson & Amanda’s baby.

Ghosts of the past return in Sherlock Holmes season 4

The fourth season is also reported to be high on ghosts, for now we can only guess if it’s related to the Moriarty or not.

The makers have reportedly given a statement to the paparazzi which said that the story they created and began to tell will now reach its climax. It has to be kept in mind that the cryptic duo of the makers has earlier said that the series will run long, so the climax can mean anything but the end of the series.

The special episode has built a lot of curiosity

The series is produced by Hartswood Films and made a amazing come back to Television with its release of a special episode on New Year’s day on BBC one scoring a rating of a whooping 8.4 and marked over 11.6 million consolidated viewers that too for just one episode. The special episode named “The Abominable Bride” was 90 minutes long and was also released theatrically even in China and Korea.

Sherlock Season 4 will have three parts

Sherlock Season 4 will be divided into three parts and will be headed by Rachel Talalay.

Benedict Cumberbatch who has just wrapped shooting for Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie looks too excited to start with Sherlock since he has began shooting instantly post the movie. Looks like Benedict in real life doesn’t believe in sleeping or resting just like his on screen character Sherlock Holmes.

Though Season 4 has no fixed air date as yet, previous Sherlock seasons which have aired on BBC make us guess that this season too will air around the winters, so it might be end of 2016 or the early 2017 when we get to see the new season of the most popular detective on television right now. For now we just hope that Sherlock seasons keep coming and this is not the last one, even if it takes a long time to come out with a season it will be bearable till the time we get to see Sherlock Holmes solving unthinkable mysteries in his most charming and mysterious fashion.