The world is so intense andfull of opportunities, that every day you. I, and everyone gets tempted to follow a new path. The question is simple: when a new chance appears, you start thinking about everything that could win, happen. This is normal and, by the way, very tasty. The only problem is that when your brain assimilates as so likely, he might consider as their own, and then it becomes very difficult to "lose". Thus, the choice of new wins incredible strength.

Yet also has the challenge, the excitement around what can happen, the imagination of something you do not know.

All this allows you to go away and imagine a more perfect universe. Also because our brain always liked news.

If I say I have a surprise, something new at the end of this article, this text will not be more delicious?

You wonder now: "You mean we're fried? My brain will always look new and I'll be stuck in a life without focus for all eternity? "

Yes, I will always look new. But you'll have to make great efforts and burn their boats. That's exactly what you have read: burn their boats. There is an old story of a general who was determined to fight war and the land instead of fighting, found that his army was smaller than the opponent. Then ordered:"Burn our boats." And you must have thought: "What madness!

I mean they had nowhere to run? "Exactly.

But that's what led to the general and his army only one option (focus): to fight and win the war. Because it does not care the difficulties that appeared, they had to solve, there was no other possibility. This made them learn to deal with problems and to gain more self-confidence.

And now I'm curious to know if they won the war? The answer is yes. Because the other army, when he began to have to face several difficulties, always had the option to go back. And that is what happened.

So the question here is about focus, "How many boats do you have? How many opportunities to escape to the easiest place when difficulties arise?

Try now and think, if you had to put all his strength and willingness to service only a goal, what would it be?