The fact is unchangeable: our amount of duties and responsibilities is absurdly higher. There are several bills that need to be alert: Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, SMS, Youtube, Slideshare, ICQ (yes, he came back, who did not know) and others. You have so many things to take care standing up brushing faster teeth, because the number of activities and duties has also increased: health care, talk to friends, relationship, study more, networking events, new projects keep running current jobs and yet another takes great "time-consuming".

You read all this and thought "Wow, how do I live?". And even worse, now you begin to notice how many things fail to deliver, or how often ends the day with the feeling of "I did almost nothing" or "Where did my time?". It happens to everyone, and the more within the market, to grow and evolve, the greater the feeling. I also had.

However, a major discovery of Neuroscience, who served much to Neuroempreendedorimso analyzes, it was the two big gaps in productivity: the fate and indecision.


When your brain is not so sure about the path you are taking, does not produce the same amount of hormones that would release if he knew exactly where he is going and why. Then know you are doing this activity because that particular search result, makes the mind fit best to reach them.

Literally your brain has more desire to make it happen!


This is the greatest time thief. When you have a list of things you need to do but do not know the order that will spend most of your time in the process of deciding what to do. And worse, your brain will always choose the one less complicated action because he wants to save energy and not suffer from problems.

You often end up doing the least important. And certainly departs further from the results that search. Literally your brain prevents you go after what you really need to do!

With only these two gaps, most people reach the end of dashed day. That feeling that the days passed, she did not see and nothing took place.