At the time that the technologies are becoming more affordable, contributing to double "quality and price," the great advantage of firms becomes the creativity of their talents.

It is known that the highest value that a company has is its human capital. To reap its fruits it is necessary to cultivate a fertile climate and Work for the formation of appropriate environment.

Leaders managers are key elements in this process.

A team feel more confident and safe to suggest innovations and generate improvement ideas, when their leaders believe in their potential and demonstrate through actions.


The manager "M", responsible in the Northeast, the distribution and sales of a wide range of products aimed at women, found himself grappling with a major challenge provoked by the director of business: increase monthly revenue by 25%.The scenario signaled be almost impossible to meet that challenge. Sales had been falling and the clientele seemed asleep for shopping.Lady "M" decided to put into practice what they had been reading about "valuing people": gathered his team, explained the situation and the difficulties envisioned for achievement of this goal. He said trust in the potential of each and asked them to think in solutions that weekend. Monday would be the day "D" when everyone should bring suggestions.Guess the result?

People spent Saturday communicating, organized a barbecue on Sunday to facilitate the meeting and came in second with an emergency plan, whose shares were simple, direct, objective and viable. With the plan approved by all, the lady "M" found with pleasant surprise that his team was unbeatable. Motivation, determination, commitment and hard work have made the Northeast hit the record sales of the other regions.

The increase in revenue was more than 40%.


Have you shared successes and failures with your team? Can you encourage people to generate ideas and plans?


• Give space and freedom to create. Freedom implies accepting small mistakes and promote learning from them. Remember, the great inventors, before reaching its creation made numerous unsuccessful attempts!

• Cultivate good mood and show courage the challenges. Nothing more disheartening than a leader "down mood."

• Study the feasibility of the suggestions that come to their hands and give a response to the author, even if it is negative.

• Watch out for killer phrases: "We've done this before"; "It costs too much"; "It's not going to work!"; "Our culture does not accept this kind of action."

• Institute a special day in the month or week and put into practice with his team: "Day watch"; "Small ideas Day"; "Day to dress up differently", "Day yes", "Day barbecue." Remember: what counts is to encourage people to leave the routine and create a playful mood.

• Encourage your staff.