The lack of qualified professionals is an alarming factor for manyBrazilian organizations. Thus, the turnover of the teams is increasing, according to the study by global consultancy business management Hay Group in partnership with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the forecast is that in 2014 the turnover rate is even higher, up 12.9% compared to 2012, which could mean 161 700 000 workers changing company. Organizations are lost, not knowing what to do to retain talent and achieve results, severalmeasures are taken to reverse this situation: They come and go leaders, wages are increased, benefits policies are implemented, targets are set, however, none of these strategies It appears to work.

The reality is that the main mistakes made by companies that favor the growth of this turnover, are at the time of hiring, companies do not know how to recruit the right employees for the required functions. Through research and technical visitsthat realize on leaders of the international market companies, it concludes that the trends are always changing and the methods to hire professionals in a sustainable manner are no longer the same we used before. Today, more assertive technique to hire the right professional is in the interview "eye-to-eye" in character evaluation, attitudes and alignment of the company's purposes with the goals of employees. In this first stage it is essential to have clear information, the trader needs to know the company he is going, what the story and what the values ​​ofthis organization, because only in this way he will "embrace" the cause, that is, to engage with the design and feel of it.

To achieve excellence in services an organization depends on the team's level of commitment to the company's results, thinking about it, I selected here

5 ESSENTIAL ATTITUDES that can make a difference when Hiring and Retaining Talent:

1- Training, Train and Train

Many companies think: Why invest in training is likely that employees will not Work here long?

However, this training teams is critical to maintaining productivity and involvement of professionals.

2- Select before hiring

Due to lack of manpower, it is common to hire "desperate" professionals without a thorough selection process, evaluating the profile, goals, experience and employee's abilities and it happens to positions of great importance, such as seller andattendant, representing the "heart" of the company, are the store business cards, however great the need, we can not put anyone to fill that role.

Evaluate and prepare employees!

3- Establish clear rules

A team to function and fulfill its purpose need to follow rules, this requires them to be passed in a clear and objective way by the leaders, which should closely monitor the work of professionals. Not only the rules, but the goals are not clearly communicated to all staff.

4- Offer a career plan

More than a pay rise, people seek to be recognized for what they do, every professional wants to grow in the labor market if he did not see the opportunity within the organization that he is acting, it will looking for another, so it is critical establish a career path early in the hiring and provide the resources so that employees can achieve this goal.

5- Be Flexible

Just as we need to establish clear rules and set limits, flexibility is essential to the company's success, leaders need to closely monitor individual skills, listen to the professionals and if you can do coaching sessions regularly with the team. Sometimes we need to consider that the strategies and plans that worked before, can not be worth more. Trends change, the profile of staff and also companies that do not walk along with these changes, they can fall behind and lose valuable professionals.