There are some strategies to make the most of these comments.Have a successful e-commerce is an exciting task, but it is not easy. It requires dedication and effort, whether position in the digital market, changes to adapt, also involves the addition of several factors. One of these aspects to be considered are the comments that users can perform on the products they offerand their impact at the time of the possible customers buying decision.

Increasingly it is important to review the user's own to promote your business. And not only when it comes to positive reviews, the opinion of those who purchased the product and commented on its positive and negative aspects builds trust itself.

Graham Charlton, a former editor at the head of Econsultancy, said in one of his articles the reasons for the

importance of comments and how to do to generate this exchange with the client. It is not open your e-commerce and wait, you must motivate the user to share their opinions. With this, you will get more conversions and benefits for your SEO work.

1- The comments increase conversions

It is a practice that has become customary: want to buy something and check the reviews on the Internet users whohave tasted the product. This is a way to know in advance what awaits us when you decide to buy, with regard to product quality, the service provided by those who sell it. This is the factor that has become critical if you run an e-commerce.

The user search security, he does not expect surprises on your purchase. 47% of Brits have researched the product online way. Have 50 or more comments by product could mean an increase of 4.6% in conversion rates. 63% of users are more likely to make a purchase on a site that relies on customer reviews. According to Reevoo the presence of comments on the products increase sales by 18%.

The reviews and comments increase confidence, giving tranquility to the prospective client.

2- What benefits the SEO brings to comments?

Although the aim of promoting the comments on your site is to increase conversions and improve the customer experience, this factor generates benefits in their classification in the search engines.

They are fundamental because it works to update the content regularly. Keep the content is essential to improve their positioning. You can make a difference thanks to user-generated content.

Read user comments is already a routine of online shoppers. 64% users claim to read reviews of technology products. What you should do is take advantage of this practice. This aspect is related to the searches performed by users, since they increase by entering the product name and calling a few words such as "review" or "comments".

You should take care that the comments have the correct format and sort them so that they enrich its content. These views will favor you in searches and will allow you to collect a significant amount of traffic.

Another good option is sending an email, asking the customer's opinion that was purchased. However, be careful not to rush him and give time for the user to use the product. It is also essential that offers an easy and enjoyable way to addcomments on your website. If complicate rather that the user task can give up and you can lose a very valuable opinion for your business.

If you do not have time to read extensive comments it may have a panorama by this way of classification of opinions.