It is currently more valued the company (or person) who knows more and, because of this, the capital has become an end rather than a means.

In the center of it all is the Consumer with its own characteristics, its cultural, ethical values ​​and their requirements for products (and services) of excellent quality and fair price.

Therefore, many analysts believe that organizations are obliged to abandon the passion for their products and pay more attention to their customers.

For in today's competitive scenario what counts most is the share that the products occupy the heart (and mind) of their clients and not only the market share (market share).

Therefore, when planning the development of an effective marketing strategy, certainly the view of potential consumers is legitimate and well-intentioned, it is necessary to know about what they want (or not), what they think they want, they can buy and which - in fact - they will buy.

However, some of the Scholars believe that these studies may be distorted, as when you ask a dozen consumers what they really wanted, the researchers obtained a dozen different answers.

But today we know that the quality of research with consumers will only be fully achieved when it is closely monitored by the contractors, inquiring about what your competitors are doing and what qualities we possess to achieve a competitive advantage over those same competitors.

Thus, the trick is knowing map the market and identify the percentage of prospect's (potential customers) who value the competitive advantages - quality products, competitive price, fast delivery, logistics solutions services and others.

Therefore, we recommend these analysts to review their dogmas and to consider new approaches in developing their marketing strategies:

Regional good quality products will be with their days numbered, if not planned to globalize rapidly.Products must be increasingly differentiated and unpublished, for copying and distributing is much faster and easier for competitors.The spaces on the shelves of retailers are increasingly competitive and expensive.It becomes increasingly important to monitor the faithful consumers to brands, especially as the onslaught of serious competitors.Ease of purchase - provided by excessive offers - has the most demanding consumers, imposing increasingly technical advantages, promotions, discounts, prizes, sweepstakes and other sales promotion.The television media is pulverized and, therefore, turned out to be effective only for a few advertisers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop alternative outlets as social networking sites, sales promotion through sweepstakes, coupons and others.