Social networks offer opinions increasingly varied and individuals. Facebook is the platform that has the highest growth. Observe and implement these tactics to exploit its advantages.

In any content marketing strategy, it is important for those who have a project to work with social networks. You should not ignore the importance that social media have on the lives of users, who are your audience.

It is also true that, in defining a social media strategy, there is an interesting and somewhat confusing variety of platforms with different advantages and particular benefits.

All point to a different audience or allow the user to access a different way. It must also select from content that is offered.

However, Facebook remains as the most used social network and the fastest growing in recent statistics. Neil Patel refers to this medium in his article for QuickSprout and helps us better understand the reasons why have stakes in Facebook is essential to achieve better conversions and actions by users.

In addition, this entrepreneur successful social media and digital marketing shows us some tools to think of tactics in order to get shares and likes on Facebook.

# 1 Custom Experience

In social networks, taking Facebook in particular, individual profiles are created. The user focuses on himself.

On the other hand, your business must offer a more personalized experience possible.

The consumer must really believe that the content is intended for it, prepared for it. Of course you can not understand each particular person, nor can label each user. But you can use a few words or phrases, rhetorical strategies, which make it clear to anyone who is working: The Customer.

# 2 Call to Action

More often than you think, the user accesses the content that you like, but is not as clear to him as it is for you what you can do with it.The share options and the like are productive. Perhaps asking a question like "would you like to share this article?", You can achieve the expected action and increase your conversions.

If the content is good and serves the user does not object to share it.

Creating commitment to shareAn effective tactic for benefits on Facebook has to do with the user to generate the commitment or the "obligation" to share certain content. Using quotes because the final decision to share is always the consumer.

However, in general, people who participate in these social networks are designed to generate awareness about an issue. If you need to share what they publish, it's a good idea to promote content related situations that pose a problem to the community or to call users to collaborate with a cause.

It is essential to point out the sensitivity, mobilize the emotions and meet the needs that people feel to collaborate.

All of these tactics, adding the ability to optimize content working in SEO or add sharing buttons on the images of your site are designed for your brand make the most of a social network as productive as Facebook.