Do you put at least 25% of its advertising budget on virtual media? Is it Web site generates business? Do you use virtual resources available to publicize their products and sell more? Do you effectively adopt Social media to generate more sales? If you answered yes to the above questions not good to worry as the way of doing business has changed and you may not have realized.

I have just returned from a convention in the United States and I am impressed with the adoption of virtual solutions by North American companies. Not that this is new, but the crisis caused them to resort to new ways to generate business and reduce costs.

The radio and newspaper paper were the most lost space. Who else has won the Internet and cable TV. But what will strike it, are invested in social media. Use it wisely can mean profits. Not using it could represent user detachment.

But after all, what is needed for success in social media? answer may not be so simple, but according to experts in the field, some tips work well. Jenny Wilmshurst just migrate the contacts you have (off-line) for online, maintaining and expanding relationships.

But, remember that the media is not a quick fix, but it is the new wave and hence, can not be good take off her.

Because, says Jenny, it can be highly complementary to its sales activities, as well as add value to their products and services.

Various options can be integrated the online marketing mix and offline. This helps to attract consumer attention and reduce the need for large investments in traditional media.

For another expert, Linda Schenk, the American consulting firm Social Media Works, we must use the various mechanisms available generating content and focusing on areas of interest.

For her, one can not think of social media without taking into account the major players in the virtual marketplace and also tools available, such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and features such as Email Marketing, blog and others.

But the gurus remember that one must act carefully, because the risks are proportional to the opportunities.

If the company does not have a good one, The sitescan serve against their interests. Hence the importance of good reputation for good fruit harvest.It teaches us as the popular saying "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass ... It is necessary to learn to dance in the rain!"