Some studies have shown that placing ultra-talented people on the same team does not make success there and the secret is to have a mixed team in their qualities, but with a lot of interaction. Communication is the greatest strength of any organization.

One thing is a fact in this life: there is no way to do anything alone. The modern Work revolves around teams and their synergy is the cornerstone for building a solid success. A study by INSEAD from 2014 found that adding many talents may impair the performance of a team.The study describes that knowledge is rarely distributed across staff leaving a gap between professionals.

To map this example we will use the figure of a barrel and each team member is a sliver. When we fill this barrel with water, if not all - the chips - it has the same height as the water certainly will reach the lowest level and that will be our "keg filling line."

So if everyone is not working with the same level of knowledge - each in their specialty, of course - the team will always be leveled 'by lower chip'.

The best players do not always make the best team

Just like any football team, teams in organizations vary in their levels of interdependence. And when the team's success depends on the individual performance of accumulation arises the organization's dependence on the problem of just "a guy".

Now when there is a mix of talent there is independence in decision making and speed in action - and it makes your business be even more competitive.

The key to a successful team

Research at INSEAD shows that communication is the key to the success of a team. She found as teams become more experienced from the effectiveness of communication between them and it is as valid as the individual knowledge of the organization's members.

Create a newsletter on business events, news results, planning next steps and even on market news can help your team to learn more about your business, find new solutions and predict problems.

Stimulate, or even create your team to participate in fairs, meetings, workshops and updates, increases the degree of knowledge, quality of delivery of the activities and the position of your company in relation to competition.

So, invest your time in informing and training of each member of your team and ensure the success of your business.