It's been 20 years since the news came through of the tragic death of Princess Diana in a car accident in Paris. Never in the history of the British Royal Family was there such a show of grief for the loss of the Princess of Hearts, as she was dubbed by the media. Known for her charity work for Aids victims and the eradication of land mines, it seemed everyone loved her from all walks of life.

So it is only right her sons William and Harry together with Kate continue that compassionate legacy that Diana was known for. When an advertisement appeared on Linkedin for a Senior Communications Officer, a thousand applicants applied for the position.

The post will be working for the young Royals' charities Royal Foundation and Heads Together and the hours are 37 and a half per week. The qualities needed for the job were words like integrity, able to make decisions, and judgement.

Prince William's surprise visit

Scot Mills, a DJ on Radio 1, had connections to the young Royals and other celebs and was paid a surprise visit by HRH Prince William to highlight his charity work. Having suffered depression and anxiety due to the death of his mother, both he and Harry recognise the need of those suffering from mental health. Hence the setting up of the mental health charity Heads Together because in today's society mental health is of serious concern.

Also, there are many today on benefits or low paid jobs, and this is where The Royal Foundation, William's other charity, comes in. The new Royals are a breath of fresh air, and without Diana blowing the stuffy cobwebs away from the House of Windsor, William, Harry, and Kate would not be in a position to help those suffering now.

Of course, there is still a certain air of stuffiness. However, with the young Royals reaching out to the people it is not as bad as it was. Diana was a maverick and delivered an earthquake in how the Royals should be and react amongst their subjects. Would she have been proud of her son's charity work? I guess the answer to that question is we will never know, but there are those who would like to think she would have been.

Politics and the Royals

Even though it seems the new Royals are reaching out the role of a Royal means they cannot be political. Their views on the May government will never be known openly, but apparently, when the present Queen meets the current Prime Minister she may make her views known.

Prince Charles is perhaps the most vocal on issues like the environment and other concerns. He has written a plethora of letters to governments past and present on issues he cares about.

The last King to clash with the state over issues was Charles I, and he lost his head over that after a bitter civil war. Since then the monarchy has been constitutional with no direct powers to intervene politically, but maybe the Royals have more power than we think.

Whoever becomes our next, King Charles or William, they will have to remain aloof from political goings on or at least in the open they will.