The most popular searches on the internet show that the trust in Black Magic is still strong in many countries. It's clear thanks to the data exposed by Google Trends, the instrument to explore search interests on the web.

The queries on evil eye, spirits, black magic and sorcerers are carried on not only to distinguish magic practices but above all to affect our destiny. Finally, Google registers how superstitious we are.

Searches on "Evil Eye"

The most common search about black magic is the string "Evil Eye". The inquiries on this subject are always stable in the last five years.

The topic is supposed to be connected to our present and our future. In fact, one of the queries most associated with "Evil Eye" is "Evil Eye Bracelet", because of the belief that a talisman could avoid every trouble.

The classification of the countries where the search is prevalent puts in the first place Australia, followed by UAE, US, Canada and at the fifth place the UK.

Spiritism and Jinn

Other inquiries related to the world of the occult are more unpredictable. The word "Spiritism" registered a spike in searches in the last days of May 2015, because of the diffusion of the so-called "Charlie Charlie Challenge", a game with pencil and paper supposed to evoke some spirits.

In the Islamic religion, the spirits are called "Jinn", and this word is very typed in the last five years.

It registered a spike in 2014-2015, in the period of the commercialization of a movie titled "Jinn", speaking of spirits.

However, also after the promotion of the film, the word was still typed. In fact, according to Islamic tradition, the Jinn could be called to improve all the situation of our lives. So, not only Muslim countries look for it on the internet.

In the last year, after Pakistan, the United Kingdom is the second country in the classification of nations searching this word. The cities more interested are (in order): Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Leeds.

Black magic and sorcerers

The string "Black Magic" touched a spike in July 2015 and the last five years is more popular in Mauritius, in the Philippines, in Nigeria, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The United Kingdom is at 9th place in this ranking.

The Philippines are the first country seeking "Sorcerers", followed by Canada, Singapore, Svezia and the US. The UK is at 11th place.

Despite rational thinking, also in Western countries, a lot of people are always convinced that a supernatural power could influence the existence. According to Google Trends, they are often ready to evoke it.