Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has overseen the launching of a new anti-submarine frigate HMS Glasgow at BAE systems in Glasgow. The ship was christened by the Defence Secretary and with the Royal Navy on the rise again will be the first of many to follow.

The ship comprises 118 crew and is the length of 15 buses and features 2 sonar with a medium calibre gun. An air defence tower is also featured together with an acoustically quiet hull. All ships of this model will cost £1.23 billion.

The ship travels 26+knots, or just under 30 miles per hour, and has a range of 7,000 miles to project British power beyond our shores.

What with a new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and now these new ships it seems the maritime power of Britain is back.

Times gone by

The British have always prided themselves on their naval prowess with King Alfred Apparently founding the first British Navy in the dark ages. It was our naval power that helped forge Britain as a super power from the 18th and 19th Centuries onward. Whether it was Drake fighting the Spanish Armada or Nelson dying in battle at Trafalgar, right up to recent times Britain does indeed have a proud naval heritage.

It would seem plans are afoot to make the Royal Navy "great again" to borrow a phrase from beleaguered US President Donald Trump. Although the astronomical costs of these warships could be questioned the UK does need to defend itself in a dangerous world.

With Russia, China, Iran, North Korea all having varying degrees of sea power it is only right the UK and her Allies answer this call.

The UK will always - unless something drastic happens - be a member of NATO and our fleet will play its part in NATO and for British only operations. As the UK proceeds to the exit door of the EU, we will always be close militarily to our European and American cousins in areas of naval cooperation.

Change of administration

If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister in the near future many will be worried no doubt about his attitude to defence. It is well known he has no time for nuclear weapons and said recently at Glastonbury he would scrap Trident. He also said he would never initiate nuclear war and even said he could not bring himself to press the red button in any first strike on the UK.

Of course, this flies in the face of the Labour party saying they would be keeping Trident, and what Corbyn would really do if elected with the sea launched missile is not yet known. Corbyn has admitted he is no pacifist and would use military action as a last resort.

Nonetheless, because the UK needs conventional defence Corbyn would most likely carry on the policy of the May government and support the growth of the Royal Navy.