In the light of the recent Chemical Attack on Syria, US has reportedly released a video which shows missiles being launched on Syria as a response to the dreadful chemical attack. The said missiles were launched from eastern Mediterranean. US president donald trump also mentioned in his televised address that the base of the launch of these missiles was same as that of Tuesday’s attack. He was also seen urging all civilian nations to help Syria in this difficult time in the said televised address. The target of the missiles is said to be the main launch pad for the chemical attack.

Syrian National Coalition which is in opposition in Syria on the other hand as per online reports have welcomed US strike and have even said that they hope for more such strikes in future.

Syria chemical kills many, missiles launched on Syria in response

Syria has been at the receiving end of the most destructive wars of recent times. Yet again a lot of children and many others died in the recent gas attack in Idlib. US President Donald Trump as per online reports even called the Syria President a “Dictator” who attacked his own citizens and killed many by the chemical attack. Pentagon has apparently reported having clarified that Russia was informed about US attack beforehand as Russia’s military supports Syria.

Now it is a messed-up turn of events where one cannot guess if the US attack is just a reply to the chemical attack and a one-off thing or this will continue. Also, all of these also creates a question mark about US and Russia relationship. Suddenly from earlier talks to involve Syria President in eradicating the Islamic state formation ideology to now banning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from any future happenings in Syria, US has indeed taken a U-turn.

United State's sudden turnaround was expected to post the chemical attack which destroyed all the remaining hopes of any verbal communication working at all.

Pray for Syria

No matter how the political situation turns out to be, people living in Syria deserve a normal human life which is not lined up with fear, bombings and destruction.

For now, all we can do is pray for things to get better and this death circus stops at the earliest and we as humans start valuing human life more than anything else on this planet. We pray for the Syrian families who are literally going through hell everyday and it's only getting uglier with every passing day.