The US President had for the last few months been talking about taking some tough action. He had always blamed president Obama for the loss of American prestige abroad by inaction. He has taken up the alleged nerve gas attack in Syria to show that he means business. He ordered the firing of 59 cruise missiles from 2 US destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The missiles were launched against targets in Syria. The secretary of States has claimed that it was a proportionate response to the action of president Assad. The US and western powers have claimed that the chemical attacks were launched by the Syrian air force on orders of Assad.

The American attack has been supported by the Sunni allies of the US namely Arabia and Turkey and the traditional allies UK and France. The Attack has been condemned by Iran and Russia

The attack by the US

The gas attack is indeed heinous and deserves to be condemned. Russia has claimed that the attack resulted because of the bursting of a nerve gas cylinder stored by the rebels. The Syrian president denied using nerve gas. Many of the Western powers are delighted with this attack. They feel their dream of removing the Syrian president will now become a reality. They fail to realise the removal of Saddam and Gaddafi had led to anarchy and the rise of the Daesh and the Islamic state. The problem is not simple but has become complicated.

Russia has called the attack an act of aggression against a sovereign country. It has also said it will act against the US attack. Perhaps Donald should have waited for a few days for the investigation to find out the true facts of the gas attack.

An impetuous act

Donald is an impetuous man and sometimes acts without thinking.

All along he has been advocating that the US should not get involved in Syria. He has now done the exact opposite. He has also bypassed Congress and many senators are asking why Donald did not take the sanction of Congress before the missile attack. There is a possibility that this that would lead to a serious rupture of relations between Russia and America and the winner will be Islamic terrorism.

Murky future

The ISIS is happy. All said and done Assad is a bulwark against Islamic terrorism. The future has now become murky and Tillerson's latest statement that steps are underway to remove Assad does not auger well for the future in the Middle East. America' seems to have lost the main objective in the battle in the Middle East which is fighting ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

The Government needs to start focusing on what the people of the UK need and want and not what other countries want us to do. Don't get me wrong I think Theresa May is doing a fantastic job getting us out of Europe, apart from it taking too long!