WWE i.e. World Wrestling Entertainment has almost a cult following and though not everyone is interested in watching macho men bashing each other up, even the ones who have never watched a WWE match know who The Undertaker is; that’s the charm of the wrestler. He began his long career in 1984 and never looked back. The 52 year old wrestler who is also known as "The Phenom" has retired and it marks a good bye to all our childhood memories of watching WWE. WWE fans remember all his matches, be it the Edge one where he was almost edged and the most famous The Undertaker vs The Batista one.

The Undertaker will be missed badly

The legend The Undertaker whose original name is Mark Calaway lost at WrestleMania33 yesterday and shockingly announced his retirement post the defeat. It is important to note that The Undertaker has only lost 2 matches in his entire career and has a record of 23 consecutive match wins. No one compares to what The Undertaker has achieved in terms of fandom and popularity and no one will even come close to it ever.

End of a three decade long career for The Undertaker

In quite an emotional end to his career, post the match The Undertaker laid down his wrestling gear and signalled the end of his career which lasted over three decades. He took off his gloves and his coat and his hat and placed it in the centre of the ring and the audiences sitting couldn't believe it, it is now considered as one of the most sad images in the history of WWE.

Even before the match there were rumours that the match is going to be his last and that he is going to retire which means that the retirement was pre-planned and not merely a result of the defeat. Twitter users took over the platform and the hashtag #ThankYouTaker was trending for quite some time with users paying tribute to The Undertaker and saluting his long career.

Deadman as he is popularly called is gone forever, at least from the WWE platform. We hope we can see The Undertaker in other entertaining avatars in the near future.