JetBlue airline staff were worked up about a commotion caused by former senator Alfonse D'Amato over seat changes requested on a flight out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Monday.

Alfonse, a seventy-nine-year-old who served as a New York senator from 1981 to 1999 was evicted for bad behaviour after he led a chant among the regular passengers which consisted of the words "make them move," reported Fox News.

JetBlue evicted D'Amto because of his chanting

In a video of the incident, D'Amato said that he was kicked off the plane as "I complained about what they were doing." It turns out that this all started when JetBlue had balance and weight issues on the plane.

In a report by the New York Post, a witness said "passengers were cranky," as many of them had paid special rates for seats with extra leg room. Things got heated after those who had paid were told to switch to other seats.

Other passengers were angry at the eviction and started to boo, with one woman shouting out, "that's not right, that's not right in any way." The ex-senator went on a bit of a rant about free speech in America before leaving the plane

Watch the video of the ex-senator being evicted

It seems that balance and air flight safety were things that occurred to the old senator, who then lead the noisy chant. "Make them move." It would seem that because he made a racket about it, JetBlue did not appreciate his verbosity or what he had to say about getting the grumpy passengers moving.

A spokesperson for D'Amato said the ex-senator had been visiting a sick friend and was "sleep deprived." JetBlue, like many airlines reserves the right to evict passengers if the situation looks like it might escalate or get out of hand.

Ex-Senator not the only person complaining about JetBlue

A quick scroll through the JetBlue tag on Twitter shows that the ex-senator is not the only person grumbling about the airline recently.

One passenger requested that the airline "teach your employees some humanity."

And this person is trying to find lost luggage.

JetBlue has a sale on right now which might cheer up some of the passengers, but this particular passenger probably won't be dancing for joy or rushing off to buy another ticket even at sales price any time soon.