Aviation authorities in Colombia have confirmed that a chartered plane has crashed. The plane which was carrying 81 people on board reported fuel or electrical problems before the crash that was carrying amongst the passengers, the Brazil first division Chapecoense soccer team. The plane was also believed to have been carrying journalists. The soccer players were on their way to Medellin to play against Atletico Nacional of Medellin in the Copa Sudamericana finals.

Colombia plane crash - soccer team members may be among six survivors

In their statement, the aviation authorities said that "there are reports of at least six survivors." AP News reported that Federico Gutierrez Gutierrez, the Mayor of Medellin spoke to Blu Radio and described the crash as a "tragedy of huge proportions." As there were 72 passengers and nine crew members, it is not known if the possible six survivors are all from the soccer team or not.

The team comes from a small city which going to be devastating to families and fans. They have not been long in the first division and made their comeback to the first division for the first time in over thirty years in 2014. Last week they defeated Argentina's San Lorenzo squad to qualify for the finals which they were set to play on Wednesday.

Historical plane crashes that have killed soccer players

This tragedy is not the first time talented young soccer players have been taken before their time through air disasters.

In 1993, the Central African country of Zambia lost eighteen of their National Football team when the plane they were traveling in crashed into the sea just off Libreville Airport, Gabon. The crash was attributed to pilot error.

On the 8th December 1987, a football club from Peru - Alianza Lima lost all their players when the plane they were traveling in crashed into the Pacific Ocean near the city of city of Callao.

The Peruvian Navy Pilot of the plane was the only survivor. There were reports that he had made a second turn over the airport to verify the landing gear was down, and on the circle dropped low enough to hit the sea. The Navy kept their findings to themselves, so there is some speculation about plane maintenance, but the official word is that the pilot was at fault.

There have been at least seven other plane crashes involving football teams between years of 1949 and 2016. The Colombia plane crash carrying the soccer team from Brazil to Colombia play in the finals on Wednesday is still a developing story.