CNN is a news powerhouse that was launched 36 years ago by Ted Turner. It is currently owned by Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System. The news channel was able to make a household name for itself by covering major events such as; the Challenger, Gulf War, Baby Jessica and Presidential debates of 2008 and 2012.

CNN has gone on to not only provide news but also become a worldwide multi-platform network. It has programs that offer an in-depth outlook at the latest news along with shows covering different areas like health, entertainment, sports, business, technology and politics.

CNN International

CNN is at times referred to as CNN/US to distinguish it from its sister channel CNN International which has a wide broadcast area in more than 212 countries. Other sister channels include; Headline News (HLN), CNN Philippines, CNN Indonesia, CNN Chile, Boomerang, CNN Airport Network which serves as a closed-circuit channel among others.

CNN was in the lead when it came to broadcasting live with High Definition streaming quality. The HD version has better view and there is more clarity to the news it delivers. The channel has also become available to iPhone and Droid markets through the CNN app that has made it easier to keep people updated on current affairs on the go.

Play Live Newz

Being in the know with the latest news has been made easier for one can watch the news online from the comfort of their office or homes. All you need is an excellent internet connection and you will be good to go. You can then stream the news by going to playlivenewz blog and you will find a link Watch CNN USA Live, click and wait a few minutes for it to load.

Be in the know on how US 2017 politics unfolds. It also includes informative sections of speeches made by both the democratic and republican political parties and responses.

You can also get the latest stories of the Euro 2017 Football Match fixtures, scores and analysis plus coverage of other sports such as; horse racing, golf, tennis, motorsports, and the latest news on Cleveland Cavaliers being NBA champions in basketball news.

Around the world

CNN money provides you with up to date information on business news in not just America but around the world. Major company deals, acquisitions, company prospects and one on one interviews with specialists. On market trends, CNN money offers investment options, news on world economies and investment guides. There is also a segment on personal finance that provides information on spending, saving, money movers and money essentials

When it comes to Technology, there is news on innovative gadgets, 2020 technological visionaries.There are also stories on how China has outshone US in the supercomputer battle. There is also a remarkable story by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in a video clip talking about how heart surgery can be performed without touching the heart due to Technological Advancements.

To get all these stories and so much more simply go to CNN USA live and get informed about what is trending on the world stage.