Twenty years ago a child went missing in Hawaii. The mother confesses the child is probably dead through her own neglect and her husband's abuse. After a revisit of the cold case, in a plea bargain, Jaylin Kema pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Hawaii court hears mother reveals she did not get medical treatment for missing boy

According to Fox News, the little boy was aged just six when he disappeared. He later became known to the press as "Peter Boy" and his mother went on to become the face for a campaign for missing and abused children. The court in Honolulu, Hawaii heard that the woman had failed to get medical treatment for her son after he had been abused by her husband Peter Kema, as she was afraid of him.

Ricky Damerville, the Hawaii prosecuting attorney said that the mother did have medical insurance but was so afraid of her husband that she left him to die.

Police in Hawaii suspected the parents

Authorities had long suspected the couple had been involved in the missing child cold case, but it was only last year that evidence came through that enabled the grand jury to indict them on murder charges. In exchange for a manslaughter charge the women has agreed to testify against her husband who is being charged with second-degree murder.

The pair has been held in custody and have been separated. It seems that being separated from her husband made the mother of the missing child have a rethink about co-operating with the authoriites.

In court she was crying as she admitted that she was responsible, saying, "I failed to protect my son," What makes it worse is that other people suspected the abuse of the child who died. It seems he had a bad wound on his arm which was festering and filling with puss.

Does the mother even know where the body of her missing child is?

The mother very likely does not even know where the body of her dead son is. According to Peter Kema, he had given the child away to a woman referred to as "Aunty Rose Makuakane." He claimed it was an informal adoption but according to Police, they never were able to track the "Aunty" down or verify the travel arrangements as they had been alleged.

Peter Boy's mother will testify against her husband when the case goes to trial in April next year. At that time it is hoped that the full details of the missing boy in a 20-year old cold case will be revealed.