Brexithas caused a lot of division in the UK, sometimes leading to physical assault. After a Brexitrowwith aneighbourturned into aviolent assaultby aRemainer, a mandiedbut the report frompathologistsfound that hisdeathwas not related to the Crime.

According to the Manchester Evening News, theassaulthappened a few days after theBrexitresults were released. The Mirror UK, expanded on the report following the sentencing of theattacker. The sad news is that the people involved wereelderlyand the incident took place atVictoria Square, a grade II-listed sheltered housing complex in Ancoats, according to the Mirror.

Brexit question the last he ever asked

Mr. Duncan Keating who was fifty-eight years old was out in the garden when he asked hisneighbour, Graham Dunne how he voted in the EU referendum? This was possibly thelast questionhe ever asked in his life, as Dunne apparently went berserk when he found out Keating had voted to Exit. According to court records, theRemainerrepeatedly beat Keating with a parasol, punched him and threatened to set him alight, after asking "if he had children," and saying "' ***ing think about their generation, not yours’.”

Witnesses who saw theassaultdescribed the fifteen minute assault as appalling, and while Keating did not try to fight back, he was "seen falling heavily against a stone centrepiece after being pushed over a distance of several feet." Then Dunne poured fertilizer over Keating and threatened to set him alight.

Keating found dead in kneeling position

The Police responded to the reports of the beating, but left after both men assured them they were both over it. However, in the next hours Dunne did not let the matter go. He reportedly went into Keating's flat at least three times after the initialattack.At7.25pm. Keating was founddeadnext to his bed in a kneeling position.

Dunne was arrested, but he escaped a more serious charge whenpathologistsruled that Keating haddiedfrom "positional asphyxia and intoxication through consumption of Alcohol, methadone and cannabis." Nevertheless, Dunne'sattackwas described by the Judge as blatant bullying, pointing out that, "We see from the glaring CCTV footage of the event that you picked on him and you bullied him and you wouldn’t let up."

Previous history of violence

The Mirror tells us that Dunne has a history ofviolent aggression.

While the Defence argued that Dunne was not a violent man and had not been in trouble for twenty odd years, he was actually on bail for anotherattackat the time of this incident. In July 2015, heattackeda friend with a hammer, breaking his collar bone, a rib and causing massive bruising. According to the Defence this was because he was drinking alcohol heavily following the death of his wife. Dunne has been sent to jail for four and half years over the two incidents.