As previously mentioned, president elect Donald trump has decided to split his time between the White House in DC and NYC, where he has a lot real estate investments. His wife Melania and youngest son Barron, would be living in NYC, and not in DC as most American first ladies do. The reason is the school schedule of their son, which they do not wish to disrupt. Trump met with NY mayor De Blasio this past week to organize details of his security while traveling to NYC. The information released by city officials today, claiming that will cost the city of New York, U$1 million a day to ensure the security of the new president, Melania, their young son and other family members, has caused outrage expressed via social media, specially among New Yorkers.

Securing an American president costs more than securing the British royal family

Robert Keith Gray author of the book "Presidential perks gone royal", told the daily caller back in 2012, that securing and entertaining the Obama family was costing U$1,4 billion a year to American tax payers, as compared to U$57,8 million spent by the British royal family yearly. Presidents enjoy many perks, and the benefits does not stop once a president retires. A presidential retirement package offers a U$191,300 yearly salary, a paid staff, office, phone services, travel expenses, the best medical coverage, 10 years of paid security staff and extra funds for office expenses. Although the city of New York is asking federal government financial help for the extra NYPD expenses used to secure the president elect and his family, the numbers above are an eye opener.

The on going social media battles between Republicans and Democrats

A social media battle has unfolded between Republicans and Democrats since the election results. Republicans cite the president elect refusal to take the U$400,000 yearly presidential salary, as part of his public appeal. New Yorkers blame Trump for an increase in the city's traffic, and many believe the president should not live there.

Manhattan, which is surrounded by water and only connected to NJ via 2 tunnels and a bridge, suffered major traffic this past Friday (11/18), during rush hour, when Trump used the Lincoln tunnel to travel to his golf course in NJ. That is because officials had to shut down the tunnel, for approximately 40 minutes so, Trump's motorcade could pass through.

NYC mayor is irritated by Trump

During a press conference this past week, mayor De Blasio showed disdain and irritation towards Trump, citing the need to organize extra security for Trump and his family who will remain in NYC, while dealing with the headaches of having to calm and support a scared population terrified of Trump's past speech on immigration and Muslim policies.