trump's blatant and short posts are just one of his signature "non-politician" yet very political styles in a new era of digital social marketing. The president-elect represents the alternative media and social media celebrities. But is not just his tweets and Facebook posts that make him differ from other leaders, Donald Trump’s Cabinet is also the least experienced in modern history. Steven Bannon was running Breitbart news just months before been selected to run Trump's campaign. None of the individuals he picked for his team has worked previously in government.

The king of tweets rise to presidency

When Castro died Trump simply posted on Facebook and twitter "Fidel Castro is dead," a cold statement yet more real and raw than the statement president Obama read. He later followed that up with a lengthier statement, in which he called Castro a "brutal dictator," again expressing raw emotions rather than reading a fabricated statement by a big team. Twitter is now threatening to ban him, as it has banned other members of the alt-right in the past such as Milo Yiannopoulos, for instance. Twitter is where Trump shows us his ideas, vision, and personality, unlikely his Facebook page which is managed by his team. He has risen from twitter to become president-elect, proof of that can be seen in a 2012 tweet in which he answered requests to run for the presidency.

A change occurred after that tweet, and he started switching from posting celebrity news to asking support in launching a political career. His candidacy was a result of facebook and twitter users and fans requests.

2012: the year that Trump changed as a result of his twitter fans requests

He was soon referring to some people who opposed his stand in politics as “psychopathic demons,” calling off the Saudi prince Al-Waleed for "wanting to control American politics with daddy's money," and commenting on rather or not Robert Pattinson should take his cheating ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart back: “Everyone is asking me to speak more on Robert & Kristen.

I don’t have time except to say ‘Robert, drop her, she cheated on you & will again!” said Trump in an early tweet of the year 2012, eager to comply with his social media fans requests. Trump's rise to the presidency came in large part due to the freedom and closeness online platforms provides between the general public and celebrities, who can interact freely via social media.

It is also an uncontrolled media platform where people can truly express themselves at the comfort of their home with the entire world and has become the main platform for political campaigns, as well as discussion on conspiracy theories such as pizzagate.

Alternative media has a bigger impact on people's psyche than mainstream platforms

Take for instance Hillary Clinton's presidency loss, in spite of having large funds by lobbyists and the mainstream media, she was unable to counter alternative news sites reports from spreading in social media. Reports from WikiLeaks and Reddit "Comet Pizza Ping Pong" spread like wildfire, strengthening Trump's campaign. The mainstream media reacted with sadness, reminiscing about their old times of communication monopoly. Each day a publication is announcing quitting print impressions and moving to a completely digital platform.