Japanese authorities have predicted the height of a tsunami to reach 3 meters following as 7.4 magnitude Earthquake. The tsunami has already hit a very wide area including Fukushima. Waves as high as 140 centimeters are already being observed throughout northern japan. Although no deaths have ocurred, panicked residents have started taken precautions.

Japanese PM message

The Japanese PM is currently in Argentina and has ordered government officials to provide updated information on a on going basis and evacuation alerts and instructions. The tsunami will hit repeatedly, so residents have been told to evacuate to higher ground and tall evacuation buildings, and not leave the safe buildings until officials say it is safe to do so, due to the high possibility of getting aftershocks for days to come.

They are also issuing information to the public that a new earthquake may hit Japan next week.

Fukushima nuclear facility

The nuclear team authorities in Fukushima nuclear facilities said there are no reports of abnormalities and it is safe as of now. No changes of radiation were observed around those facilities, altough waves are reaching a meter high. So far, about two thousand people have evacuated the coast of Japan, the areas presenting the highest danger. People have been told to be very cautious for the next seven days and to avoid the entire coastal areas. Some people are reportedly hearing alert sirens on and off. The earthquake which caused this tsunami had a 7.4 magnitude and an epicenter in Fukushima.

Japan is one of the most earthquake prone countries on earth, with more than 1,000 earthquakes recorded each year in the nation, altough most earthquakes have much lower magnitude than the one we saw on the news today.

U.S department of state issued warnings to Americans in Japan

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo issued a warning to U.S.

citizens in coastal areas of Northeastern Japan saying that the Japan Meteorological Agency has issued a Tsunami warning for Fukushima Prefecture, the Pacific Coast of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture and the Kujukuri and Sotobo Area of Chiba Prefecture. The Tsunami Warning follows a powerful earthquake that struck off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture just after 6:00 AM Japan Standard Time.

Persons in coastal regions under the Tsunami Warning should evacuate immediately from coastal regions and riverside areas to a safer place such as high ground or an evacuation building. Tsunami waves are expected to hit repeatedly. Do not leave safe ground until the warning is lifted. All U.S. citizens living in or traveling to the area should monitor local weather reports, follow directions from local officials, and take other appropriate actions as needed.

The Embassy is monitoring the situation and will provide further information as it becomes available ".

As of 9 pm U.S eastern standard time, the tsunami evacuation alert has been downgraded to an advisory.