Since election day on Tuesday, there have been nationwide riots and protests in the USA. Many guessed that no matter who won, America would be in great danger. To say that would be putting it mildly with the violence that has been happening for the past four nights in a row.

Coast to coast protests

From coast to coast, there have been a ridiculous number of protesters doing enough to land them in jail with accusations of assault of a police officer. In Portland, what started off as a peaceful Protest containing over 4,000 people, soon turned violent.

Protesters have been speaking their minds about Donald trump's presidency, and are outraged. For the past few nights, protesters have been vandalizing their communities, local businesses, damaging cars, assaulting officers and other displays of criminal and dangerous behavior.

Violence results in arrests

As of November 10th 2016, twenty-six protestors have been arrested and detained for their reckless behavior. Protests and riots don’t stop in Portland, other cities in the United States not limited to Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, Baltimore, Dallas, Oakland and Minneapolis have also seen the ugly side of the protests. In Oakland, California, more than 1000 protesters started breaking store windows, vandalizing buildings with graffiti, threw firecrackers at police officers and other shenanigans of the like.

People came together outside of Los Angeles’ City Hall with chants such as “not my president.” Other protesters gathered outside of the White House on Thursday night chanting with signs accusing Donald Trump of being a racist. Despite the riots, many of the protests were somber and peaceful.

There's nothing wrong with a peaceful protest, but how is anything beneficial with defacing your community?

Local business owners are suffering and they're not even the ones to blame. What are we facing, America? Many are not happy with the presidential election results. How did this happen though? How are so many people rioting when Trump won a democratic election?