You hate her or you love her, but you will have to recognize lady gaga's social involvement. Thanks to her popularity, she knows that she is able to speak to crowds of people and she doesn't hide. She is brave and the protest she staged is another proof of her social and political engagement. After the completely Unexpected American Elections results, Stefani Germanotta has decided to protest outiside of Trump tower.

Lady Gaga social battles

Lady Gaga is not new to social battles. One of her latest singles is 'Til it happens to You' which is a song about the terrible, but common high rate of rapes in American colleges.

She shared her painful experience in order to increase awareness on this horrible situation. She obtained an Academy Awards nominee and she presented the song with a touching and terrific performance with the presence victims of rape onstage. In the aftermath of the terrible Orlando's shootings, she spoke beautiful words and read all the names of the victims during the memorial. She gave her solidarity and support in such a terrible moment. She has been a symbol of self-love and acceptance since his monstrous hit 'Born This Way'. In all these years, the American singer has stood up for fights against all kinds of discriminations.

Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton

In this year's elections, she supported Hillary Clinton.

She was part of the Democratic final rally and she tried her best to increase awareness in the social media. She attacked Melania Trump of incoherence, after the first lady declared that she wanted to fight bullyism. She shared some tweets in order to convince her fans to vote for Hillary, the only possibility to unite the country.

The American Elections' outcome tells a different story: Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. But Lady Gaga doesn't give up easily and she is now leading a protest outside the Trump tower. She was photographed protesting outside the Trump tower in New York. On a sanitary truck, she held a sign reading "Love trumps hate."

Lady Gaga will be out with her new album 'Joanne'. Apart from her talented musical background, we have to admit it: Lady Gaga, you are giving us a million reasons to appreciate you.