Throwback time!

The Thanksgiving Parade in New York City.

Rewind 16 years ago - I was working/enjoying a holiday lifestyle in Manhattan, New York City, USA. I arrived in Manhattan with my Husband in the winter of 1998 and quickly found a job in a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan & we ended up living in the Little Korean Town area of Queens.

The transportation system is perfect in New York City; you can easily Travel to any destination in Manhattan by subway, bus or foot. I spent many hours finding inspiration at the famous Metropolitan Museum & Natural History Museum.

You can shop like a Queen in SOHO & quench your international food cravings in Little Italy, Little India, Greenwich Village. I enjoyed many Broadway shows, visited Madam Tussauds in Times Square & witness the breathtaking sunset & panoramic view of skyscrapers on top of the Empire State Building.

The highlight of my time in New York was catching the most amazing Thanksgiving Parade and the Black Friday bargain blast after Thanksgiving day. The community sense is extraordinary as the city comes together to celebrate this holiday. It truly feels like the countdown to Christmas has begun! I spent the day and consequential evening admiring and photographing the most perfect scenes, especially with the Twin Towers, Brooklyn Bridge & the Statue of Liberty.

At this time of year, all of the Halloween and Christmas window display's are out in full blossom. The different displays in the shopping mall & the outdoor Christmas decorations, especially at the Rockafella Centre with their magnificent Christmas Tree and Snowman. It's truly wonderful!

The Change of seasons

During Spring time, I travelled to Washington DC to view the Scenic Cherry Blossom season.

While this really is something to talk about and something I would hugely recommend doing, I found myself longing to go back to New York. I spent the rest of the Spring wandering from East Lexington avenue to Madison Avenue to the West of Manhattan. I would spend my days chasing the sun at The Coney Island beach, Brooklyn & Atlantic City beach in the summer.

We would do the typical American thing of taking a picnic to enjoy at Central Park and take perfect pictures with the fall foliage in Autumn.

The winter season in New York holds a special place in my heart, I fell in love with playing with snow & immersing myself into the stunning snow view - taking postcard-ready shots in Central Park became a daily task. I embraced and loved to watch the change of the seasons, it's simply gorgeous! I missed it so much!

We start travelling to other states of USA during the 2nd year, I explored the Disney World & Adventures Island in Orlando, Florida in spring 2000. i visited Philadelphia & Baltimore in the summer & Las Vegas, Nevada for winter gateways before we head back to our country (Malaysia).

I live like a New Yorker in Manhattan, this is the awesome life journal. I am contented and blessed for the 2 fabulous years in New York City, USA.

Before I went to USA, I thought Thanksgiving was celebrated around the world like Christmas but I was wrong. The fact is, Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the USA.

What I missed the most in USA?

The Thanksgiving Parade! The Change of seasons! The Broadway shows in Times Square! The "Tropicana" fruit juices! The Christmas window shopping! The skyscrapers skyline in New York City - I could not recommend this city more to anyone - Book a ticket and experience all of this for yourself!