Justin Bieber [VIDEO]has released dozens of popular songs with stylish Music videos these years. You may be interested in what kind of music would have attracted him. Surprisingly, his favorite video is ‘PPAP’ by a Japanese singer-songwriter, Pikotaro. This song drives the world crazy for making their own versions of ‘PPAP’!

The song ruling Bieber's life

‘I have a pen, I have an apple.’ Most of you must be familiar with the lyrics. However, do you know that this song even achieves the World Record? ‘PPAP’, the shortest song on the US Billboard Chart, has broken the Guinness Record.

The old record of the shortest song was 'Little Boxes' with 1minute and 2 seconds while 'PPAP' only has 45 seconds. It also gets the 77th in the US Billboard Hot 100 with averaging over 1.5 million hits a day!

The media named Pikotaro as another PSY as ‘PPAP’ is as brainwashing as the ‘Gangnam Style’. With the simple lyrics and catchy melody, you’ll remember after listening for once or twice. It also becomes the trend that everyone intimates Pikotaro. Even celebrities from different countries make covers of ‘PPAP’, such as EXOfrom Korea, Super Girls from Hong Kong and SpeXial Dylan from japan.

Not only do people sing the original version, but also do they modify the original one into a remix version.

A YouTuber from Hong Kong even rewrote the lyrics to teach foreigners Cantonese. This video is so funny that has received lots of favorable comments. You just need to type ‘PPAP HK Version’ in YouTube and you will find it at the top. ‘PPAP’ really makes the world go crazy but also does it bring happiness to everyone!

In Japan, the trend of 'PPAP' still exists.

A week ago, a pop-up Cafe with setting ‘PPAP’ as the theme is opened at the Tokyo Skytree Town till the 20November. The restaurant serves dishes with tons of apple and pineapple in. As being the ‘pen’, chocolate sticks are used in the deserts. Staffs are wearing PPAP tees and large posters are put outside the cafe. Grab your chance to go and have a look! It will be finished soon!