It's become a Christmas tradition in itself, with thousands anticipating the launch of the 2016 John Lewis Christmas advert. The British retailer has gained a reputation in recent for producing memorable festive adverts that cut to the centre of big issues in society.

When will this Year's Christmas advert be released?

It is not known exactly but in recent years the company has released the clip on youtube on the first Friday of November. However, we are going to take a guess and say Friday 11th November, although there are rumours that it will be out on Thursday 10th.

What will it be about and what about the music?

Last year's 'Man on the Moon' ad, which put the focus on loneliness and the lives of elderly people had people thinking deeply about our relationships with older people and what more we could do to stop loneliness. The year before that, friendship was the theme with the wonderful story of a little boy and a penguin.

Whatever this year's theme is, it is sure to make you cry. That is usual for a John Lewis Christmas ad.

Or is it?

Speaking at the IPA's Genesis Conference on Thursday 3rd November, Rachel Swift, the company's head of marketing suggested that this year the ad might not be quiet as 'sad' as ads in the past have been.

Speaking to Business Insider, she claimed that the 2015 ad had a mixed reception and had been brandished 'sadvertsing' by some.

She said, ''We still had a really successful campaign with Man on the Moon, but there were murmurings that it was to sad.So, we looked at the data we were getting back.'' Unfortunately, it was here she stopped so we didn't get any juicy information on what might or might not be included.

In terms of music we are thinking a slowed down, acoustic version of a hit song from this year.

Perhaps Lukas Graham's '7 Years Old' or One Direction's 'History'.

The 'Fake' Commercial

Fans got excited when they noticed a clip on youtube that has all the makings of a John Lewis Christmas ad in disguise. However, in reality it was the A level coursework (albeit absolutely incredible quality!) of somebody called Nick!

Big Business!

The John Lewis ad might be made as a tradition now but it also does amazing things for the company. The national conversation that it triggers pushes up sales at stores nationwide. Mind you, it needs to as each year about £1 million is spent on creating the advert and a further £6 million on buying the slots on television and the internet in order to get it out to people.

Good things come to those who are patient!

So, be prepared for another amazing advert this year. We can't give concrete information about what or when, but Christmas is all about the unknown. That's what makes it exciting! It will be out soon though. Watch this space!

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