Atacama got pink this November

atacama desert is known for being the driest desert in the world and it is one of the main attractions in South America. When you think of it, it is hard to combine it with such words as 'flowering' or 'colorful'. And yet it surprises. However, this time of the year, Travel magazines, and news reports have historically shown that as we near Christmas, rare rainfall sometimes boosts the desert into flowering beauty. This is the time when it shows us its other side: the colorful and live. It becomes a flowering carpet as far as your eyes can reach.

The fragrant smell of flowers is hypnotising and the rarity of the phenomena can make you stunned.

The beauty of Atacama awakes.

With a little bit of rain in South American autumn this year (March) Atacama shows us the real beauty of the desert this spring (November). The field became crowded over the last few weeks with curious travelers to witness this beauty. It is hard to imagine the gray and dry land shortly before million of pink flowers start waking up to decorate the desert with pink, flowering carpets.

Normally, there is no much vegetation to see in the Atacama. The seeds and bulbs of many types of plants, including beautiful flowers, are quietly sleeping for long until rare humidity wakes them up.

The rain does not occur often and it is usually weak. It seems to be enough though to awaken this incredible idle desert.

Hike in Llanos de Challe

For beautiful views from the top, many current visitors to the flowering desert go to the National Park Llanos de Challe. It is a perfect place in the middle of #Atacama for those who love hiking or unique vegetation.

During a few hours, you can admire not only the beauty of desierto florido, but also hundreds of other plants as this place is rich in a variety of cactuses, flowers and many other plants that cannot be found anywhere else. There are also picnic and camping sites available in the park, which can make a perfect weekend escape in the middle of Atacama.

Best flowering experience near Copiapó

The Atacama is big and the flowering desert phenomena is not visible everywhere. The sides of the motorway connecting the north of the country with the south near the town of Copiapó is the best place to witness the awakening of the flowering beauty. You can easily spot it from far away as you see vibrant pink fields and dozens of cars parked on the side of the road.

Chile's landscapes can make everybody speechless. From the desert to glaciers, the beauty of Nature never bores. The flowering desert, however, can be an unforgettable and unique experience that you will remember for long.