This is a question I encounter a lot. “Can I wear that at my age?” And it’s a subject of debate and much discussion amongst many in Fashion. The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer per se. What works for one woman would be totally wrong on another.

Let’s take an example – the tailored suiting trend. Its back in full force this Autumn/Winter. For the fashion forward, it’s quite alluring as it is a look that conveys power and strength and the fashionistas do not shy away from such statements. However, for the average woman of a certain age, the boxy shape doesn’t suit a large portion of figures and in day to day life, let’s face it, practical it is not.

But, one can make a nod to Trends without going too far beyond their comfort zone. For example, going for a full-on suiting look can be a complete non-starter as its silhouette can do a lot of figures a serious disservice. However, A neat and tidy fitted waistcoat or an exaggerated and statement tailored blouse with a slim fitting pair of dark jeans and heels can tap the trend without sinking your shape in over tailoring. Or, trying a fitted, cropped blazer again, over said jeans with a chunky heel that will look sharp but not overt and still allow your natural shape to shine through. The key is to follow the lines of your figure and allow them to set the tone for what pieces to wear in order that a trend does not overtake you.

Discussing other of-the-moment trends, some stylists say, if you wore it and lived through it the first time around, then as an adult its off limits. There is some truth in that. But, if your style personality lends itself to a trend and you feel your heartbeat quicken at the return of a long-ago trend, then, by all means, be true to yourself and find a way to interpret it for your modern self in a way that feels fresh and flattering.

The hard and fast rules of fashion no longer apply – you can make the rules for yourself as long as you stick to shapes and colours to suit you specifically. When you wear something that you are passionate about, the confidence that inspires echoes throughout you making what you wear only the finishing touch to the aura you are presenting.

The bottom line is, don’t say no to trends on some sort of age principle. If you feel drawn to something you think is pushing the envelope a bit, pare it back and make it work for you. That way, you still feel like you are age appropriate but satisfying your fashion mindedness. So, go on experiment!