It has been covered by several sources recently that the Prime Minister is to appear in a spread in #USVogue. Her decision to do so has been more than hotly debated. There is validity that her decision may have been ill-advised and poorly timed in advance of the new financial year and at a period of such austerity with Brexit looming. Further, critics have seethed at the idea of our PM reducing herself to a mere fashion trifle when political bravado is what we need. They fear her narcissism led her to choose what many perceive to be a fatal error that will only lessen her hold on a leadership that has faced tremendous disapproval from inception.

So was this a considered and wise decision?

And yet, this could indeed be a brave opportunity for the May. To begin with, fashion is a big industry, of that there is no doubt. And, Vogue is arguably the leader in that industry and sets the marker for all that falls before it and conveys what the pulse is at any given time. And right now, that pulse is politics. This past year has been a time when even the most benign of voters has been roused to take a political stance. Politics is a trend that cannot be ignored at present and fashion follows trends, whatever they may be. In actuality, the PM is on to the right course in her decision to follow this route. She is putting herself forward as a confident leader in a stylised format for all to see.

Using Vogue as a platform to present her image was not really a risk at all.

Further, British fashion is a huge export and endorsing it in this way goes that bit further to solidifying its place globally. And with #annieleibovitz as the photographer, the shoot could not be more legendary in its intention and effect. Evoking style as a form of political communication is nothing new.

It's a time honoured tool to craft a persona that is both recognisable and almost endearing. She is following in the footsteps of others like #hilaryclinton and #michelleobama to present an image that can be both classic and iconic.

May is doing what every politician does: finding an arena in which to showcase her at her most stylish yet approachable and all the while equally solidifying her presence and quietly confirming herself as a woman of power. And rightly so.