It is not unknown for Social media accounts to lead to real full-time jobs, created by yourself! Jessica Markowski is one of these people. She created her profile on Instagram and while posting her moments from life, she gained 175k followers and keeps getting new ones! She told me what does she does on a daily basis and about other fields of her work.

Acting and modelling

Sabina: Jessica, can you tell us about your acting and modelling beginnings?

Jessica: Absolutely! So I first started as a Model in NYC. I was recruited by a modelling agency and my career started then when I was still in high school, juggling with school and castings, at the same time!

Acting started shortly after, as a lot of the castings were for commercials. I began to book a lot of beauty, skin and hair commercials and it was the moment when I realized I loved to perform and act for the camera. My agent pushed me for film and TV and I got booked for roles and joined the actors union, which is the Screen Actors Guild!

Full-time Instagrammer

Sabina: You are a full-time Instagrammer, Influencer. So what specifically do you do on daily basis?

Jessica: Wow, well let me tell you! No day is the same! When I am not modeling or acting, I am shooting brands I am promoting. I am organizing shoots, putting together ideas, and working with a photographer to get the best image to use for my social media.

Aside from content creation, I go to events that brands are holding, meet with brands for collaborations and outfit pulls. And despite it all, I still try and squeeze an hour of a workout! Sometimes in the morning and other times late at night depending on my schedule!

Sabina: What are your best projects to date as an actress or Fashion Blogger?

Jessica: To be honest with you, all my projects are my favorite projects both as an actress and fashion blogger in NYC. Bottom line, I love being able to perform in front of the camera and I love being a creative and creating beautiful content for my audience to appreciate!. There is no one project I love over another. I always take away a good opportunity from everything I do so it is why every project that I have done, is my BEST!

Instagram changed her life

Sabina: How did Instagram change your life?

Jessica: Instagram has surely changed my life upside down! I tell this to most people when I am on that "social media conversation." It has opened up so many doors for me and opportunities I could have never imagined otherwise. It has allowed me to express myself more for more people to see. It has allowed me to connect with people in more ways than just on the screen or on print ads. It has given me a voice, a voice that is me and authentic.

Sabina: Do you have any interesting projects coming up in the near future?

Jessica: I always have a new project in the works! Being an actress, model and Influencer is a new project every day! I guess you will have to stay tuned and look out for 2018.