With the new year around the corner, we will be seeing new trends to dominate the market and it will be time to say goodbye to those 2017 trends. Urszula, social media influencer, fashion blogger, actress and more, reveals upcoming fashion trends for the next year. 2018 will bring some changes and some fashion trends will still be modern in the next year as well.

New colour that will dominate the market

Forget about everything, for S/S 2018, we see a new colour that will dominate the market, and that colour is lavender. We’ve seen it all on the runway from S/S 18 runway shows.

From Head To Toe full-on lavender or just even a pop of lavender. I know I will be wearing a lavender suit from head to toe this upcoming season. It’s feminine and chic and the ideal spring colour from the pastel colours that tend to be in demand during this time of year.

Although lavender will dominate the market, colour blocking is classic spring trend that is not going away anytime soon. Shine bright like a diamond and pair off those bold colours. You can colour block with a yellow trench coat and wear a red dress underneath. There are plenty of ways to play around with this.

Well, what about the classic trench coat? Scratch that. We used to see trench coats during the fall. Now we will see the classic trench coat in different forms like we have never seen before during the spring.

Belted with oversized belts, fringed on the bottom as a detail, and definitely a variety of different colours that make this trend unique.

The classic upgrade

The classic slip dress we all loved, will no longer be classic. The classic slip dress gets an upgrade. It’ll be the perfect dress for a night out with friends. Sexier and edgier, it’ll be the one piece we will want to have in our closet and we will find it in a variety of metallic colours.

Also, dark washed denim on denim is back. I know I definitely will invest in a two-piece set of dark washed denim. It looks so chic and is the perfect casual look for the girl out in the city. Either a jacket or pants or jacket and skirt will work just perfectly.

Fringe is still on!

Also, don’t forget to get your fringe on. Fringe is a continuous trend we will see and it is not leaving.

We will see fringed feather dresses, fringe on our trench coats, and fringed tops everywhere. I will definitely get my fringe on.

As edgy and chic as I am, my favourite spring and summer trend is the sheerness. I love sheer tops and look forward to pairing them with the midi skirts that will be in style. It’s super chic and perfect for anywhere on the go.

Transparent shoes

And last but not least, my favourite trend of all times will be the transparent or translucent shoes. I have never owned a pair, but I am about to invest in a classic Yeezy’s from season 4, as it will dominate the season. Pair it with a cute two-piece set and you’re ready to go.

As we wait patiently for the F/W 19/20 trends, I can tell you for a fact we will see shades of browns, greys, and black.

Layering will continue to dominate the market and anything from comfort will stay. Oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, woven pants, and puffers will be here to stay. We will see dark floral patterns and we will be bringing back goth.#fashionblogger