What is more confidence-boosting than nailing a #Party look to the envy of all others?

And, with a little guidance, you can be smart-shopping your way to a fab night looking your party best with mates oohing and aahing at your stunning ensemble. By trying out one (or three!) of these #trends, you will show your fashion cred and will be sailing through your party season.


This look has resurfaced in every facet; dresses, shoes, bags, jackets… If you aren’t ready to invest in the whole #embroidery look from top to toe, just make a nod to the trend in a stunning evening bag or a gorgeous pair of boots.

The embroidery look is so sumptuous and rich, it begs to be added to your party gear. You will not regret finding a place for it in your party season wardrobe. It will be a look you return to again and again.

Statement Earrings

I ask you, who can resist a bit of glamour dangling from their ears? The longer and more statement they are the better. So, go bold and go big! The choice is endless this season from tassels to some encrusted with stones; find the earings that just make your outfit pop.

But, remember…do not wear too much other jewellery with them, maybe a cocktail ring but definitely not a necklace. Let the earrings be the focal piece framing you to make the most impact.

Platform Shoes

The platform has seen a comeback this season and the stunning choice in party-ready fabrics and design will give that needed lift (yes, pun intended!) to your look.

The chunkier, sturdier heel lends a bit more gravity to your outfit, and honestly, is just generally more fashion-forward. Stilettos are all well and good, but a platform speaks to the fashionable side of dressing up and creating a statement all on their own.

A few Sequins

Sequins are always on show during any and all parties, be they Christmas parties or not, but the full-on glitter ball look is not what’s on trend.

What is, however, is the slight hint of sparkle, subtle to the eye and mixed with sumptuous flowing silks and satins as accompaniment. Let one piece of your outfit be the glittery glam bit, but take what you pair it with back to simple elegance.

Winter Florals

This is a huge trend this season and your party wear should not be excluded from it.

Beautiful flowery, floral full-length dresses make a stunning entrance. But equally, #floral jackets, bags and even scarves will look effortlessly chic in any party occasion. Blooms are not just for Spring but in deeper, wintery colours they capture the majesty and beauty of the season which makes them the perfect selection for the approaching party season.

The ultimate goal should be to be stylish and #fashion forward with the requisite party glamour that incorporates some of the above to clearly state you know your fashion trends and are not afraid to use them. Go forth and party on in sumptuous style!