The BBC’s Blue Planet II (available on BBC iPlayer) repeatedly reeled in the British public with each episode's state-of-the-art cinematography and their heartfelt appeal for marine animal and environmental aid. Sir David Attenborough’s sagacious narration and soothing vocal tone increased the BBC’s viewing average and inspired avid action to oppose climate change by unveiling the unspoken truth: man-made pollution equals animal extinction.

Experts have warned of sea life becoming increasingly extinct with a doom diagnosis of plastic-filled oceans in 2020.

The high tide of audience tweets have conveyed a need to confront our collective damage and put sustainability into practice into everyday life. Here are some stylish pointers for the passionate amongst us wishing to end the suffering of all living things and preserve the planet and its inhabitants for the sake of generations to come.

Conscious collaborations

Rapper, singer, music creator and film producer Pharrell Williams is a mogul with a moral sense. He has launched a variety of clothing collections with designers G-Star Raw with products ranging from t-shirts to denim jeans, all with good intentions and ocean plastic waste construction in common. The eco-friendly and forward fabrics were conceived in collaboration with environmental group Parley for the Oceans and textile technicians Bionic Yarn.

Pharrell and G-star’s latest unisex trouser offering pays homage to the animal kingdom through flamboyant fabric prints.

Parley for the Oceans have also worked in partnership with Adidas and the 90’s EQT Support ADV trainer has been transformed into a fully functional symbol of aquatic tranquillity with wave-patterned stitching, recycled rubber outsoles and up-cycled knitted plastic waste yarns originating from the marine Maldive shorelines.

True to the innovative sea theme, the trainers are available in dark navy and blue or white and turquoise varieties.

Bags for life

Plastic grocery bags can trap and choke most marine life and the ingested dioxin substances act as a fatal toxic pollutant. A reusable Bag For Life can, therefore, be utilised in order to banish this barbarity.

The bag for life is also less likely to break amidst a routine dash to the shops and your bag lady (or man) days will be no more - it’s a win-win solution! Bags can be purchased online for as little as 44p and there is a plethora of designs that I can guarantee will not damage your sense of style. Jute is a popular brand offering bio-degradable, eco-friendly and hard wearing quirky creations.

Charity shops

Each charity shop diverts an average of 30 tonnes per annum of textiles from landfill. They, therefore, conserve coral by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and ocean acidity. There are many bargains to be found in charity shops which can really be considered a chic treasure trove of antique jewellery and vintage and designer fashion pieces.

Proceeds are also granted to a good cause. Celebrities are championing the thrift store movement with the likes of Julia Roberts, Zac Efron and Drew Barrymore extolling their benefits. A quick Google search is all you need to uncover your local store