In a recent article in the LA Times, it discussed the changing face of #Fashion Retailers, particularly, how we shop and how fast retailers come and go these days. Fast fashion is the phrase to describe how we are gravitating to shop in this current age of web based fashion. It is a phrase that has been bandied about in recent years quite frequently. Therefore, one wonders how to stay current and on trend under such circumstances? The landscape of fashion changes so quickly and old stalwarts fall victim to a changing industry's fickle attentions and preferences.

Further, at the other end of the spectrum, it occurs to me that while perusing through my monthly set of gloriously glossy magazines, while so inspiring and artful, they are for the overwhelming vast majority, unattainable or impractical, or both. Fast (and cheaper) fashion seems the logical and economical route at times. But can that really be the way forward​? The polarity of fashion is tricky to navigate.

So where is fashion taking us-How do find our own style voice in the current retail market?

Let’s be realistic. While making every intention to be fashion forward and well groomed, those ideals put forth in those glossy magazines don’t wash on a day to day basis. How could they? But, more importantly, would you want to live like that all the time?

Such an infinitesimally small percentage can afford, in money and in time, to look like the women spread across the pages of said magazines. In contrast, can disposable, fast fashion be the only alternative? Another thought then followed-how do you find your style voice in realistic terms? I propose this answer. Be yourself, of course, but the best version of that self as much as possible.

That thought process is usually applied to how you act and conduct your life but I believe it can be used here equally as successfully.

The advice to be given

Since I have hit (ahem) a certain age shall we say, knowing myself better has influenced my style choices to no end. Accepting what will work and what doesn’t as my foundation for my style choices yet still taking chances and trying the slightly unfamiliar from time to time is my formula.

Investing where possible and accepting that some fashion I choose will be short lived thereby allowing me to indulge in some fast fashion at a less daunting price. All the while, being mindful that one should invest in the pillars of my wardrobe that will support my look season after season. Without moderating our buying choices, we would end up stagnate and that is definitely not the best version of ourselves. With such sites like Ebay and ShopStyle, you can find stunning deals on true, quality fashion. To carry that idea further, know your life and how that affects your wardrobe but avoid being too routine where possible. Admire other women, don’t try to emulate them, you will end up uncomfortable and with clothing that never gets worn.

Find your style by being comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. If you don’t feel the best you have ever felt, keep looking until you do. Ignore the glossy pages of the magazines, they are art to be admired that should not be and realistically cannot be translated into everyday like. Your style should inspire you and fill to the very top with confidence.

Adopting that approach to style will then motivate others around you to captivate the same self-assured aura you will be projecting. Try it and see, you will be astonished at the transformation.

Now, go forth and style thyself!!